Алеся Weimar (alesyaweimar) wrote,
Алеся Weimar

Пятничный chill - Lauv

Такой грустный сегодня пятниchill про rum, regret и reforget ("ром", "сожаление" и "забыть снова"). Рекомендуется слушать под соответствующее настроение, смотря на звёзды. Или гуляя в одиночестве по городу, в районе пабов и баров, где можно встретить множество blurry bodies и думать о ком-то, кто on your mind.

Didn't wanna be a ghost
But you pushed me over and over
Never thought I’d have a vice
Other than you, over and over

Left you in the sky with the fire below
Thought I had it right but I’m still

Lost in the light
and I don’t know what night it is
You’re somewhere else I’m drinking not to guess
Blurry bodies but you're on my mind
We let it go now I'm full of rum and regret
I go out just so I can reforget

I never thought a sunrise
Could burn more than a midnight without you
Already paying for tonight
Head spins like carousel, over and over

Two more footsteps on the wood floor
But it ain’t you
I’m faded so I bring someone home
Over and over, I do this and I’m still...

Tags: пятниchill
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