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Pets post // Get your parcel, take your friend

Sometimes people, especially the elderly, feel lonely and any interlocutor seems to them a connection with a rapidly changeable external world. This interlocutor can be a seller, conductor or postman...

Idea of a project "Get your parcel, take your friend" is a collaboration between post offices and animal shelters, when postmans take a cat or dog for a part of workday. Of course with a glance of state, habits and without any stress for an animal. For many people it would be a pleasant to see such a sweet companion, a lot of them would like to pat it and some of them would get a pet. For an animal it would be an adventure and a long drive in the open air. For both it could be a friendship for many years.

Tags: #studyuk
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Нажмите кнопку. Не-не, никаких последствий по Р. Мэтисону, обещаю. И сатисфакшн будет только у одного человека от внимания к его скромной персоне. Но, на жми те :) - речь о ней. Маленькая кнопка для тех, кто хочет подписаться на обновления. Научили :) Я знаю, что меня читает аудитория не…
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