TENS // Kindness exists in everyone


You may treat me as a cheater, but I would like to present the project, that has been already implemented. But, in my defence, it was my idea and its' realization become possible with the help of kind and responsive people.


I've always wished to create a charity project, but unusual. I'd like people to give and receive something for their kindness. Something beautiful and material, that you can touch, admire and share with others. And I knew such a thing, which could make people smile and warm anyone's heart.

We called it "TENS". The essence of project was that people, who want to to make a small contribution to charity, received a set of delightful designer postcards. TENS – series of 10 postcards, 10*10 centimeters size. All of income from contributions went to charitable organization. We created a website, the group in social networks and Instagram.

*The main page of website http://www.desyatochki.ru/ Now it is unavailable

There were three series and one of them was created by my friend and me, it is called "I helped children". I admit with a pride, that is was the most popular set:

For two other sets we used the illustration of designers A. Tkach and A. Baidin, who kindly agreed to give it for the project.

We put our souls into TENS and for the period of project's existence (1,5 year) we managed to collect a little money for great purposes.

We had a feed-back from a lot of people, support from dancing school and esoteric shop in storage cases, help from photographers, etc. But, you can't foresee everything and we faced some challenges: the rate of dollar (we had to pay for the website), the tax issues (you have to pay tax to inspection even if you are a volunteer) and the main thing is people's prejudice. Some people advised us to make a commercial project, so it would be more successful. It is strange, that we can more willingly part with money, when the point is shopping, not a charity. I tried to sold out the rest of postcars in June, before International Day of the Child, but without any success.

I want a charity to become a very natural (and regular) process for a society, because Kindness exists in everyone.

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